6:30 PM
Permit No. BLD2016-3164 Permit Type   SINGLE FAMILY Site Address   1522 BURLINGAME DR
Applied   12/01/2016 Applicant   D R HORTON HOMES
Approved   12/01/2016 Owner   D R HORTON HOMES
Issued   12/28/2016 Contractor   D R HORTON HOMES
Parent Permit No.   Description   New single family residence
  Notes   CONSTRUCTION CODES – 2015 International Residential Code & 2014 NEC Code and local amendments. 80% masonry construction, excluding windows and doors, unless the wall is a porch, patio, courtyard, or breezeway, in which event, the wall may be of non-masonry construction. Hardy plank or similar materials may be used for up to 50% of the masonry requirements. 2015 IRC narrow wall bracing requirements must be meet. Must use traffic rated cans in traffic areas. 4-3” Trees Required For inspection www.rockwall.com/buildinginspections/inpectionreq.asp.
  Date of Inspection Inspection Type Inspector Result Remarks Notes

 01/31/2017P2-PLUMB ROUGHJames HopphanDISAPPROVE(1/31/2017 10:22 AM JH) 1. P03 - Minimum 1in. water line to first fixture group- P2903.7 2. Install water meter 3. in the future have a copy of the building plans, set backs ect in the packet.

 02/07/2017P2-PLUMB ROUGHJames HopphanAPPROVEDI did approve but trash bin not set up. Have all the trash bins set up at all the location, located in this new subdivision.

 02/10/2017P3-FOUNDATIONJames HopphanAPPROVED

 04/21/2017P4-FRAMINGContractAPPROVEDitems repaired on site during inspection.

 05/25/2017FLAT WORKJames HopphanAPPROVED

 07/07/2017P5-TEMP UTILITIESJames HopphanDISAPPROVE1. Gas leak 2. Hook up flex lines in attic

 07/12/2017P5-TEMP UTILITIESJames HopphanAPPROVEDOk to release gas servoncor 0596162 (7/12/2017 5:18 PM DG1) Atmos 9006865101

 01/24/2017P1-T-POLEMichael TiehenAPPROVED(1/25/2017 8:04 AM MT) Oncor conf # 0543555

 02/01/2017P2-PLUMB ROUGHMichael TiehenDISAPPROVE(2/1/2017 2:50 PM MT) 1) P04 - Water meter must be installed or 50 psi air on all water piping- P2503.6 2) P-2 Trash bin must be on site-min. 32sq.ft. tall (example: 3 sheets of OSB nailed together to form a triangle)

 05/23/2017FLAT WORKMichael TiehenDISAPPROVE(5/23/2017 9:54 AM MT) FW02 - No inspection was performed- muddy

 09/13/2017P6-FINAL **Michael TiehenAPPROVED

 09/01/2017P6-FINAL **Russell McDowellDISAPPROVE(9/1/2017 12:11 PM RMC) 1. Need irrigation paper work,