6:27 PM
Permit No. BLD2017-0869 Permit Type   SINGLE FAMILY Site Address   4406 RAVENBANK DR
Applied   03/27/2017 Applicant   Drees Custom Homes
Approved   03/27/2017 Owner   Drees Custom Homes
Issued   04/19/2017 Contractor   Drees Custom Homes
Parent Permit No.   Description   NEW SINGLE FAMILY
  Notes   CONSTRUCTION CODES – 2015 International Residential Code & 2014 NEC Code and local amendments. 80% masonry construction. 2015 IRC narrow wall bracing requirements must be meet. Must use traffic rated cans in traffic areas. 2-3” Trees Required For inspection www.rockwall.com/buildinginspections/inpectionreq.asp.
  Date of Inspection Inspection Type Inspector Result Remarks Notes

 04/25/2017P2-PLUMB ROUGHJames HopphanDISAPPROVETrade is still working

 04/26/2017P2-PLUMB ROUGHJames HopphanDISAPPROVE(4/26/2017 11:17 AM JH) P26 - No inspection performed: rainy conditions / piping is wet / trenches are muddy

 06/16/2017P4-FRAMINGJames HopphanDISAPPROVE1. Install hangers outside front porch on ceiling joist 2. Gas and drain waste ok 3. Upstairs media room, need ridge end support on ridge board coming from outside. In the center of the room it is located. 4. Upstairs front left room carry ridge end support down to top plate

 06/19/2017P4-FRAMINGJames HopphanAPPROVED

 07/25/2017FLAT WORKJames HopphanDISAPPROVERebar on grade driveway and sidewalk to house.

 04/20/2017P1-T-POLEMichael TiehenAPPROVED(4/20/2017 11:11 AM MT) Oncor conf # 0611476

 04/27/2017P2-PLUMB ROUGHMichael TiehenDISAPPROVE(4/27/2017 11:39 AM MT) P26 - No inspection performed: rainy conditions / piping is wet / trenches are muddy

 04/28/2017P2-PLUMB ROUGHMichael TiehenAPPROVED

 05/08/2017P3-FOUNDATIONMichael TiehenAPPROVED

 07/25/2017FLAT WORKMichael TiehenAPPROVED

 07/31/2017P5-TEMP UTILITIESMichael TiehenAPPROVEDOk to release gas meter(7/31/2017 4:15 PM MT) Oncor conf # 0644181 (8/1/2017 9:24 AM DG1) Atmos 9007042501

 09/11/2017P6-FINAL **Michael TiehenDISAPPROVE1) Lable a/c units outside and in panel. 2) Water heater flue pipe has reverse fall in garage. 3) Provide propper clearence between water heater flue pipe and pipe insulation. 4) Protect all romex on catwalk in attic.

 09/13/2017P6-FINAL **Michael TiehenDISAPPROVEItem 4 from previous inspection not done. (protect romex on catwalk in front of unit #2)

 09/14/2017P6-FINAL **Michael TiehenAPPROVED