6:31 PM
Permit No. BLD2017-1784 Permit Type   SINGLE FAMILY Site Address   805 THROCKMORTON
Applied   06/14/2017 Applicant   RANDY MCLOUF BUILDERS
Approved   06/14/2017 Owner   FRANKIE MAE ALLEN
Issued   08/03/2017 Contractor   RANDY MCLOUF BUILDERS
Parent Permit No.   Description   NEW SINGLE FAMILY(EXISTING METERS)
  Notes   CONSTRUCTION CODES – 2015 International Residential Code & 2014 NEC Code and local amendments. 80% masonry construction, excluding windows and doors, unless the wall is a porch, patio, courtyard, or breezeway, in which event, the wall may be of non-masonry construction. Hardy plank or similar materials may be used for up to 50% of the masonry requirements. 2015 IRC narrow wall bracing requirements must be meet. Must use traffic rated cans in traffic areas. For inspection www.rockwall.com/buildinginspections/inpectionreq.asp.
  Date of Inspection Inspection Type Inspector Result Remarks Notes

 08/10/2017P2-PLUMB ROUGHMichael TiehenAPPROVED

 08/24/2017P3-FOUNDATIONMichael TiehenAPPROVED

 09/08/2017P4-FRAMINGMichael TiehenDISAPPROVE1) Romex must be in conduit through brick. 2) Seal all top plate penetrations. 3) Protect all plumbing at roof deck. 4) Protect a/c line at roof deck. 5) Bathroom exhaust must terminate outside. (can not terminate into soffit) 6) Provide water test on tub and shower.

 09/13/2017P4-FRAMINGMichael TiehenAPPROVED

 10/24/2017P5-TEMP UTILITIESMichael TiehenAPPROVED(10/24/2017 4:11 PM MT) Oncor conf # 5312070

 10/27/2017FLAT WORKMichael TiehenAPPROVED

 11/02/2017P6-FINAL **Michael TiehenDISAPPROVE(11/2/2017 1:36 PM MT) 1) Install a carbon monoxide alarm in hall to bedrooms. 2) Locate, uncover and install relief valves on two-way cleanouts. 3) City cleanout must be installed to grade and must be set in 12"X12" concrete if PVC. 4) Hot water is required for inspection. 5) Install sod or erosion control where needed. 6) Install rain gutters. 7) Seal around windows. 8) Caulk exterior receptacles exposed to weather. 9) Missing anti siphon device on front hose bib.

 11/07/2017P6-FINAL **Michael TiehenAPPROVED

 08/09/2017P2-PLUMB ROUGHRussell McDowellDISAPPROVE(8/9/2017 9:09 AM RMC) 1. Leak at 2in to 3in fitting.