6:34 PM
Permit No. BLD2017-1997 Permit Type   SINGLE FAMILY Site Address   1522 BURLINGAME DR
Applied   07/05/2017 Applicant   North Texas Lawn and Landscape
Approved   07/05/2017 Owner   PCB, PROPERTIES LLC
Issued   07/07/2017 Contractor   North Texas Lawn and Landscape
Parent Permit No.   Description   install sprinkler system
  Notes   Irrigation systems shall have separate zones based on plant material types (Including trees if irrigated), microclimate factors, topographic features, soil conditions, and hydrological requirements. All sprinkler heads must be 4” from any hard surface. All areas 4’ wide or less must use drip irrigation. Bury a minimum of 6” Field installation of irrigation system must match the plans. For inspection www.rockwall.com/buildinginspections/inpectionreq.asp.
  Date of Inspection Inspection Type Inspector Result Remarks Notes

 09/13/2017IRRIGATION FINAL **Michael TiehenAPPROVED

 09/01/2017IRRIGATION FINAL **Russell McDowellDISAPPROVE(9/1/2017 12:08 PM RMC) 1. Missing paper work