6:33 PM
Permit No. BLD2017-2046 Permit Type   SINGLE FAMILY Site Address   1614 MANNHEIM DR
Applied   07/11/2017 Applicant   MEGATEL HOMES, INC.
Approved   07/11/2017 Owner   CTMGT, ROCKWALL 38 LLC
Issued   07/13/2017 Contractor   MEGATEL HOMES, INC.
Parent Permit No.   Description   New Single Family Residential
  Notes   CONSTRUCTION CODES – 2015 International Residential Code & 2014 NEC Code and local amendments. 90% masonry construction. 2015 IRC narrow wall bracing requirements must be meet. Must use traffic rated cans in traffic areas. 2-3” Trees Required For inspection www.rockwall.com/buildinginspections/inpectionreq.asp.
  Date of Inspection Inspection Type Inspector Result Remarks Notes

 11/15/2017P5-TEMP UTILITIESJames HopphanAPPROVEDok to release gas sev

 07/20/2017P1-T-POLEMichael TiehenAPPROVEDOk to release T-pole meter

 07/24/2017P2-PLUMB ROUGHMichael TiehenDISAPPROVE(7/24/2017 1:26 PM MT) P26 - No inspection performed: rainy conditions / piping is wet / trenches are muddy

 07/25/2017P2-PLUMB ROUGHMichael TiehenAPPROVED

 08/01/2017P3-FOUNDATIONMichael TiehenCANCELED

 08/02/2017P3-FOUNDATIONMichael TiehenAPPROVED

 09/13/2017P4-FRAMINGMichael TiehenDISAPPROVE1) Missing brick flashing and roofing on box window left side. 2) Missing brick ties on patio column. 3) Missing straps on garage header. 4) Missing interior wall bracing. 5) Provide min. double stud support for triple glue lams in garage and master bed room. 6) Draft stop fire place chase. 7) Missing joist hangers at stair landings, TJI in hall closet and in 2nd floor game room. 8) Complete 2nd floor duct chase. 9) Provide tests on DWV, tubs and shower. 10) Missing plumbing roof boots.

 09/14/2017P4-FRAMINGMichael TiehenDISAPPROVEItems not done from previous inspection: 1-2-10

 09/18/2017P4-FRAMINGMichael TiehenDISAPPROVEItem 1 not done.

 09/20/2017P4-FRAMINGMichael TiehenAPPROVED